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    16th December 2012

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    The Hobbit - so, how was it? (spoiler-free)

    After a night of sleep, I can finally say that I actually saw the Hobbit.

    I didn’t have a nervous breakdown during the ads, but when the movie ended, I started to laugh (because of a stupid joke in the ending, I guess) which soon switched to sobbing. And yet I was still laughing. Thank god my friend emmy was doing exactly the same thing and we just laughed and cried¬†throughout the credits while everyone around us prolly felt really awkward. :D

    We really couldn’t explain what was going on or what we even thought about the movie. I certainly was let down (or really surprised) by a lot of scenes. But then again, I was so happy how well P.J. managed to translate some of my favourite scenes from the book to the movie, and included some really really nice surprises as well.

    I really can’t write a too detailed review of it, not just because the spoilers, but because I still feel confused by the mere fact that I saw the movie I’ve been waiting for years.¬†Saying “it was good/bad” isn’t just possible for me; I feel like the Hobbit is something above such adjectives.

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    1. snowzapped said: that review was pretty confusing. lol. but since i didn’t get to read the book, maybe the movie will not be so bad because I will not be expecting things from the book to happen? :) i hope to see it this week. hopefully it will be okay. :)
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    3. emmyeww said: Well said! And yup, still confused! *___*
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